Sunday, May 15, 2016


Author:  Joseph Beim


Hiya, Friends. You say you lost your job and your last copy of your resume has glitter glue spilled all over it and the interview that was scheduled for Thursday conflicts with your yoga session and your unemployment check is five weeks late and you find the caterpillars had a field day on your best suit and the haircut you just got turned green?

Is that what’s troubling you today, Bunky?

Well welcome to the wide, wonderful life of the UNEMPLOYED! Yes, that wild, supercilious, world of Mac & Cheese suppers, making five year employment projections and OPPORTUNITY! Yes, you’ve climbed the ranks of iced tea instead of wine. Polyester instead of silk. Walking instead of cruising. YOU REACHED THE TOP! Top of the Heap! You have the control to take your life on ANY PATH YOU WANT! We take the first step to bringing you to the next stage of your life…one that YOU decide where it goes. But now the big news. YOU ARE NOW A SALEMEN! (Or saleswoman…we will keep the masculine because it’s easier and I really don’t care).

The only difference between selling cars and the Job Seeking Method is that YOU ONLY HAVE ONE PRODUCT…YOU! You HAVE to promote yourself and sell yourself as if you were made of fine Corinthian leather. You have to package yourself as being one notch above the best…note with due passion, I said PROMOTE yourself, not BE the best. It’s the selling which counts.

What is the difference between being a guru and being one of the ordinary? SELLING YOURSELF AS A GURU, my friends. You must COME ACROSS as someone that the buyer (the employer) WANTS, not puts up with. You must have THE edge, not AN edge.

Make him DROOL for you. That’s all job seeking is. Selling YOURSELF.  Period. But doing it right is a skill. A skill you can learn. We will take that journey together.

That is what this program is all about. SELLING YOURSELF. Your Accomplishments. Your MANNER. Your DESIRABILITY. Working together, we will get to know YOU. Your fine points. Points you never gave yourself time to put together and SELL. It works.
You will be amazed how good you have been. We just have to pull the pieces together. And it won’t take forever. Magic.

You are in a desert at night. You are the only person out there. Someone steps out of the darkness and sees you. He wants you. He needs you. With you, he has hope to return to civilization. All you have to do is point…he is placed in that crucial position…the ENLIGHTENED PERSON. See…it doesn’t take much, but you positioned yourself to change the life of an unknown person with a little knowledge he did not have. Are you entitled to payment for service rendered? YES. Cash in.

YOU HAVE MADE YOURSELF VALUABLE. You ARE valuable. And with proper resume/CV writing, promotion, selling techniques, YOU WILL BE!

Future blogs will tell you how. How to package yourself so the prospective employer will DROOL for you. Not consider you one of the ‘bunch.’ How to be 101%, not 99%.

See you next time.