Sunday, July 17, 2016

Training for Knowledge Transfer

Author: Ellen V. Platton, Learning & Talent Development Professional


Training for Knowledge Transfer

Let's face it - most information will not be retained after training has been completed.  The fact is that most information will be long forgotten once our learners leave the training.  As trainers, we deliver material with the intent of making an impact on our learners.  How much will they remember?  Will they be able to repeat information remembered or will they be capable of transferring knowledge? We need to equip our learners with information that will be retained with the purpose of improving job performance.  

We want our learners to be more efficient and effective at their jobs, whether they are making widgets or managing those who are making the widgets. They must be capable of explaining a concept, a theory or logic.  We want them to be able to improve, sharpen or add a skill.  They may need to avoid, correct or fix an issue.  

What have you done to ensure knowledge transfer?  Please feel free to comment or share.