Thursday, June 6, 2019


By David L. Steinberg, IWA, Poet, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Sustainability Advocate

My goals are important to me and me alone.  The sooner I accomplish one thing on the list, the sooner I can devote my energies for the next one.  

Only I choose to list them here and only I choose to accomplish them.

I take complete responsibility, if they are to be accomplished or not.  If I fail to accomplish any of them, it is because it is not important enough for me at the time.  

If I choose to accomplish them, it is because I will not allow any person, or situation to stand in the way.  I shall find a way or make one.

I seek a new purpose in my life with my list of goals, a new mission, and a sense of renewal.  

There is enough time in my life for each goal and I will choose the right time to achieve it.

With the list of goals, I will become more active, yet more at peace with myself, because I am doing this for my benefit.  

I choose not to become anxious, worried or disappointed if I fail in my quest.  I choose to use my best efforts, with the best of intentions for all concerned.

I realize that success is never final, and failure is never fatal.  

I understand that there are lessons to be learned in all experiences and every failure is one step closer in my quest for success.  I will simply choose another goal or adjust the time period for its attainment.

I will neither despair, nor worry, nor allow any negative emotion to derail me from my purposes.

I understand that part of the time there may appear to be no progress toward them, but this is like the winter of my soul.  I seek the energy, the patience and the inspiration with the Divine within me help to accomplish my goals.

Some goals will be easier than others and some will take longer than I first thought.  I will simply adjust the timetable, not the goals.

I shall remain humble and loving towards others.  They are there to help me to accomplish the goals, and I am there to help them accomplish theirs, as well.

I feel good about me, as I take the first step in setting my goals and I will feel good as I achieve each one.