Monday, July 9, 2018

Why Worry

Author:  David L. Steinberg  (Poet and Sustainability advocate)

Why worry just because you lost your job?   Really?

        Is the repo man outside wanting to take your car?
        Is the sheriff coming up the street to evict you?
        Are the police knocking on your door to arrest you?
        Is the hangman waiting on the steps of the gallows? 
        Is the IRS attaching your assets?
        Is the grim reaper chasing you down the street? 
        If the answer is NO, then what are you panicking for?

 Take a step back and begin to take stock of yourself. 
 Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of four, and slowly exhale.
 If you need to, take another one.
 And another. Take as many as needed. 
 First of all: This is neither final nor fatal.
 Count them, do you have all your marbles? 
Are all the parts of your mind still there?
 Minus your panic, of course!

 Let’s look at this job thing from a different perspective. 

 Today, you have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY
 to do what you really want to do for the rest of your life.
 Today is a New Dawn, a New Day, different from all other days. 
All things, without restriction, are possible today!
 Strangers are waiting to help you. 
 Good things are just around the corner to make your day! 
Angels in heaven, in all their glory, are waiting to assist you! 
The stars above are aligned moving you closer to your goals!
 All the forces of the universe are waiting for your beck and call! 
Today is your day to start to create your future! 

 You and ONLY YOU control your destiny! 
You have the power within you to reach out and change your world! 
You have more power within you than all the forces of nature! 
Earthquake, volcanoes, hurricanes and tidal waves cannot deter you! 
Black holes, comets, gamma rays, solar winds won’t stop you! 
Not only do you have the power, YOU ARE THE POWER! 
And the ONLY POWER that determines your destiny!

 Tomorrow, if you feel a letdown, reread these words today!