Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Remove Connections From Your LinkedIn Profile

Author:  Barbara Perone
              Writer | Editor | Reporter | Technical Writer | Proofreader

Okay, those professionals who are looking for their next permanent gig all know that one of the main goals of having a LinkedIn profile is to garner as many connections as possible. If you make it over 500, you’re golden and, supposedly, more recruiters/companies will view your profile.

Whether you make it to 500+ or not, there are times when you have a connection, or group of connections, that just plain annoy you. Well, there is a way to remove any bothersome person, or people, from your profile without them even knowing about it.

To remove one or more connections from your profile just follow the six steps below.
  1. If you are not already signed in to LinkedIn, go to the sign in page and log in using your email address and the password associated with your account.
  2. At the top of the Homepage, click on the "Connections" menu. All of your network contacts/connections will appear with little check boxes to the left of their photo/profiles.
  3. Search and/or scroll to the contacts you want to remove. Click the little check box to the left of each contact’s photo you wish to remove.
  4. Remove the contacts:
    • To remove 1 single contact, click on the "More" drop down menu underneath the contact’s name.
    • If you checked multiple contacts to delete, click on the "More" drop down menu located to the right of "Select All" above the 1st displayed contact.
  5. Select "Remove connection" from the "More" drop down menu.

Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each connection you want to remove.
Note: It's not possible to remove a connection from a mobile device.

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