Thursday, May 21, 2015


Author:  José Langer
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You just need to wait a little bit longer for the company that wants and will appreciate you.

My recent story:  I got a call one morning from a staffing agency. I was surprised after three month of calling each week to say I was available to finally receive a call. The recruiter said she had a 2-3 week assignment for me close to where I live but the hourly rate was not what I wanted. I thought, "well, I need to get back to work so less money was OK since the job was close and travel hassle-free."

My first day was great! I first meet the company contact I was given and he was very friendly and welcoming. The job of ‘Cold Calling’ or as they say ‘Lead Generator’ position was not in my list of experiences but I knew I had skills of communication and selling that defiantly would help me.  

I took on the position with enthusiasm and realized that I liked it and enjoyed being back to work and working with other professionals in a corporate setting. I got along great with everyone including friendly conversations at lunch break. I came in early the second day and didn’t finish my lunch break to get more calls and emails completed, and I finished my assignment that was originally given me and did more than what was expected. I left on the third day feeling good and was really looking forward to going back the next day until I got a call from the Agency recruiter on my way home. The recruiter said, “Your assignment has ended, the company thought you were not a good fit”.  WHAT? I said. I was totally shocked and devastated. My first thought was, what did I do? Did I say something wrong? What happened?  The recruiter assured me that is happens. But this has never happened to me. Will the Agency even try to place me somewhere else in the future now? The recruiter reassured me that they would and not to worry.

The next day I called another agency to see if they had any work. I asked them if they ever had a client that was qualified and did a great job but the company felt they were not a good fit. They said, “of course, it is common and it is no fault of the candidate.  When one company thinks a person is not a good fit; another company is grateful to have found such a qualified candidate.”

It was like a ton of weight lifted from my head. OK…. It wasn’t me.  I just need to wait a little bit longer for the company that wants and will appreciate me.

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