Saturday, October 1, 2016

How Resilient Are You to Change?

Author: Ellen V. Platton

              Learning & Talent Development Professional

"Nothing stays the same". "Change is good".

We've all heard those phrases before.  In fact, we have all faced changes in our personal or professional lives.  However, not all of these changes have been welcome.  There are changes that can be thrust upon us unexpectedly.  When we are faced with unwanted changes, how well do we adjust?  We all bounce back differently and on our own schedules.  We are faced with such emotions as fear, anxiety, sorrow, doubt, loss, worry and insecurity. 

We just recognized the 15th year since the events of September 11th, 2001.  Witnessing the emotions of the loved ones makes me wonder how they are able to move forward.  Fifteen years later and I am still moved by the reading of the names of those we lost.  There are some families that are still unable to visit the sight, while others have been quicker to take action.  We each have the capacity to recover, adjust or bounce back at our own pace, on our own schedule.  There are a number of factors which play into our individual ability to adjust and move forward.  Some people may just be quicker to bounce back.  Others may have been through a similar experience in the past.  Many take longer to go through the process.  Certain events such as losing a loved one, losing a job, not getting accepted to the college of choice, or simply a change to our daily routine each may challenge our resiliency.  We each progress through the stages of denial, mourning, acceptance and adjustment at our own rate.  So the next time you want to tell someone to "snap out of it", realize that we each recover or spring back at our own pace.

How resilient are you?  What have you learned from your experiences?  Please share your stories or comments.


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