Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On Age and Employment

something a little different this post...a poem

Author:  David Steinberg, IWA
              Poet, Management & Administrative Expert

Says the wise and ancient sage,
It is not your chronological age,
Nor the lines in your face
Which you can’t easily erase.

Not your looks, or gray hair
That decides how you will fare.

Not what others thinks about your age
That brings you closer to your new wage.
If you believe it, you own it,
If you don’t, then disown it.

If you think your age is an impediment,
Then, your thinking is your detriment.

It may be your attitude,
Thus, this pious platitude:
“If you think you can’t, it is a bitter pill,
If you think you can succeed, you will!”

What I say is surely true
No one can do it for you.

This is your sacred hour,
Turn within and find your power.
Of this I do solemnly confess,
Every NO you get, you’re closer to a YES!

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