Friday, October 12, 2018

My Pledge to Myself

Author:  David Steinberg, IWA, Poet and Sustainability advocate

My Pledge to Myself
The following is my commitment to myself as an expression of self-love, I hereby resolve to make myself a JOB MAGNET with the following steps:
ü Forget the past as to what I did, said, or thought that got me into my present situation.
ü I forgive myself and I forgive other people for any hurts, real or perceived.
ü I will neither blame others, nor accept it for myself.
ü I will not judge others, nor myself for anything I have thought, said, or done.
ü I simply resolve to change what I do that is negative and affirm that I do the positive things that will help me to get my financial house in order.
ü The power to change my life exists only in the present moment.  As I express that power, I am on the road to financial success.
ü My security is neither in my bank account nor assets, no matter how little or much I have.  Instead, it is the knowledge that lies within me that sustains me and will always guide me to right step at the right time to the right people and the right circumstances that will always help me to achieve my prosperity.
ü Worry, fear, and anxiety are words that are hereby banished from my life forever.             
ü My retirement is not in my outer assets, for it is within my mind, my soul, my very being that affirms my abilities to create a bright future for myself.
ü Everything that I think, say, and do has positive consequences that will lead me only to the good I deserve.
ü There is no room for lack or the appearance of lack for anything I need in my life.
ü No one, except me, has the power to change my vision for a secure future.
ü Nothing I do shall cause a loss to another to justify my gain. 
ü This rich earth has a bountiful harvest for each one and I claim my share of the harvest.
ü This is my contribution to the financial stability of myself, my family, my neighborhood, my town, my state, my nation, and my planet.

On this _____ day of ___________________, 20___,    I have affirmed this pledge to myself to face the future with unshakable confidence.

Approved by me  (Sign it, date it and put it up on your mirror, so  you won’t forget it)


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